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City Wide


The Boston Citywide Radio Network provides its members and listeners with up-to-the-minute information about emergencies and fires that are happening throughout the Boston Metropolitan area. A continuous flow of information from multiple members that monitor and update with information from the scenes of incidents. With a UHF based radio network from Downtown Boston, Citywide has a several mile coverage area that stretches well beyond the city limits.

Founded in 1984 Citywide has grown into a well organized group of fire buffs and professionals that assist with Rehab services at scenes of emergencies, along with the Boston Sparks associations A-10 & A-11 rehab vehicles they respond
and coordinate to assist Fire and Police at large scale incidents and scheduled events. Our main operating frequency can be monitored when in the Metro Boston area on 472.9625 PL-123.0

Today’s Fire Buffs are basically students of the Science of Fire Fighting together with an active interest in a multitude of other activities designed to aid and promote their local Fire Departments. In the early 1800’s, firefighters wore heavy coats made of buffalo hide. These coats, and then the men who wore them, were called ‘buffs’. In time, the term came to mean people who are firefighting enthusiasts, collectors of firefighting memorabilia, and those that go to, watch, and photograph fires.